Episode 114

translated by hephylax, edited by Lied



Previously on Hand aufs Herz


Michael: How did your AG rehearsal at Ben Bergmann’s go?

Bea: The rehearsal went well.

Michael: Wonderful. And the kiss between you two, did it go well, too?


Receptionist: You asked for an appointment for a termination.

Caro: Yes.

Receptionist: There’s now an opening for this afternoon.


Caro: Can we talk?

Ben: It’s a bad time. I need some fresh air or else… We’ll talk later.


Doctor’s assistant: Frau Eichkamp? We’re ready.





[Doctor’s office]


Caro: Yes, just a minute.

Doctor’s assistant: Are you still waiting for someone who will be there for you during the procedure?

Caro: No, no one’s coming.

Doctor’s assistant: Do you need some more time? That happens all the time. This is a far-reaching decision, after all.

Caro: No. That wouldn’t change anything now, anyway. I’m ready.

(I do actually feel bad for her...a bit...and am once again left wondering about her parents.)



[Saal 1]


Jenny is working which includes serving the Lohmann funeral party.

Götting: What’s keeping our drinks?

Alexandra: And could we have the check, please?

Jenny: Yes.

Jenny walks up to the bar and Emma.

Jenny: The check.

Emma: Miriam has already prepared it.

Jenny: Mhm.

Emma(to Miriam): The check?

Miriam: Here. Table 18 just got new customers.

Miriam gives the check to Emma who hands it over to Jenny.

Emma: Here you go.

Jenny in the meantime hands Emma a couple of menus.

Jenny: You’ll need these.

Miriam(reminding Jenny): Frau Lohmann.

Jenny and Emma go to their respective tables.

Alexandra: Where is the bill?

Jenny presents Alexandra with the bill, all the while keeping Emma in her peripheral vision because when Emma overbalances the baseball bat pretending to be a pepper mill on her tray, Jenny jumps in and catches it.

Jenny: Oh! I’ve got it. Those giant things are really the pits, aren’t they? (I hear you Jenny, euphemistically and in reality)

Miriam: Girls…you’re a good team.

Jenny: Mhm…I think so too. Unbeatable.

Miriam: The drinks.

(Okay...for thevery first time I wondered – What happened to the papers Emma needed to delivier??? Was Saal1 her last stop? Or did she just abandon that job having been lulled in by Jenny? lol)



[Doctor’s office]


Doctor’s assistant: You’ll have to take it easy the next couple of days. Lie down much of the time or else it could cause secondary bleeding. If there are any problems, you can come to us at any time. Why don’t you sit down here and wait to get picked up?

Caro: I’ll take a cab.

Doctor’s assistant: But you do have someone who can take care of you in the next couple of days?

Caro: Of course.

Doctor’s assistant: Rest is very important now.

Caro: Yes.



[Saal 1]


Emma and Jenny are standing next to each other at the counter.

Miriam: You’ve rocked this joint, girls.

Jenny: Well, with such a partner… Say, when do you have time next week? So I can put us down for the same shift… Or do you want to work the shift on your own? Emma?

Emma: I really like working with you…

Jenny: But?

Emma: But how do I know that you won’t get all cool again in the next three minutes and let me walk into another trap?

Jenny: This is about the alarm system. I really shouldn’t have turned it off, sorry… I mean, that I got you into trouble. That was…

Emma: …Pretty fucked up. But it’s not just about the alarm system, it’s really about everything. Every time I feel like I know you, then…

Jenny: Then?

Emma: Then you’re different somehow. And… I can’t do that.

Jenny: So what does that mean?

Emma: I don’t know what that means.

(hmmmmmmmmmmmm...just enjoying here...)


[Vogel home]


Lara hands Bea a glass of milk.

Lara: Here you go. It's good for your nerves.

Bea: Thanks.

Lara: There are lots of people in my class who trust you and who believe that you are innocent.

Bea: Trust, that’s not always that simple... Sometimes you do something that you later regret.

Lara: But you didn't do anything. Bea, you didn't do anything, did you?

Bea: No, it's...it's not about Franziska.

Lara: Then what? About Michael? Come on, you're just feeling bad right now. But that will go away again.

Bea: Thanks, sweetie. I ähm... I still have to take care of something urgent.



[Outside the Bergmann villa]


Taxi driver: So, how about it? Are you getting out?

Caro: One more moment, please.



[Bergmann villa]


Karin: Aren't Jenny and Caro coming?

Stefan: Jenny is probably working (on getting closer to Emma // Well isn’t that work, too? In Emma’s case? ;D). Not everybody expects their parents to pay for everything. And concerning Caro, you will have to ask my son.

Ben: Well, and I don't know if she's coming or when she's coming because...she isn’t accountable to me.

Stefan: That's one way of putting it, of course. How about this: She's mad as hell because you are planning to fly to Australia just like that without telling her.

Ben: Now don't start with that again, okay?

Stefan: As long as you are putting your feet under my table I can start with that as often as I want to.





Caro sends a text.


[Bergmann villa]


Ben: Ähm...a text from Caro. She… prefers to stay at her home tonight.

Karin: Is everything alright with her?

Stefan: Nothing's alright. She's angry.

Ben: You know, in some relationships you are given something called space.

Stefan: Yes, also known as one doing whatever he wants.

Ben: Look who's talking.




Caro: Have you ever tried to get someone back and then realized that that's probably the reason you're going to lose him?

Taxi driver: No. (Wow, curt. I thought cab drivers are the second psychologists. Right after bar tenders. - Also with this answer, I suspect him to be no true cologne-townsman! [And that is true, because even though the license plate says differently, we know he’s from Berlin! ;D] Someone from cologne might have said, “Mädsche, wat plagt ding Hätz?/ “Girl, what’s troubling your heart?” )

Caro: Please drive on.



[Heisig apartment]


The door bell rings. It’s Bea.

Bea: I didn't want that. I didn't want to kiss Ben. (So he forced you? Or it was an involuntary complete loss of impulse control on your part?)I'm sorry. I...I'm sorry.

Michael: Bea, I don't get why you're sorry... because I don't get why you ran to your student after our first argument. (That was your first argument? What was you blackmailing her? Fun and games?//Blackmailing? What? Wasn’t that way later? Did he already do this before, too? Damn, I must rewatch the early episodes!! Oh, and in that context: thank you dear sat1 for streaming them again and giving us a reason to! :) )

Bea: It wasn't like that. The students... they surprised me with this concert and (Emma was singing so lovely that it just got to my head and heart and I had all those feelings and I needed to kiss someone, I mean I wanted to kiss her, but I once promised Alexandra that I never would kiss another girl and...well long story short, I was with Ben and needed somebody to relieve me from my uproaring stream of emotions and - )… then there was this moment.

Michael: And then there was that moment, right. Bea, that moment lead to your student wanting to go to Australia and prove your innocence. (And you just don't do that without the expectation of getting some nookie.)Now first come in.

Bea: I...I just felt so weak. The accusations, our fight...all those judgements...

Michael: Bea, everyone knows that you didn’t kill anybody. (Except for the police, the majority of your colleagues…)Everyone knows that you’re not a murderer.

Bea: I don’t want to lose you.

Michael: I don’t want to lose you either.

They hug.



[Bergmann villa]


Jenny comes down the stairs humming. (She’s got a plan to get her girl…// Jenny in love is so lovely.)

Jenny: Morning. Where’s Caro, by the way?

Ben: Ey, what’s with all of you and Caro all of a sudden? Normally, you don’t care what she’s doing either.

Jenny: Hey, it was just a question. I mean, she is pregnant after all.

Stefan: While you’re heading off to Down Under.

Silence.Jenny realizes that things are a little tense between Bergmann junior and senior.

Stefan: Jenny. How’s your job working out?

Jenny: The damage to the car is almost paid off. (I’m still working on repairing the damage to my possible relationship with Emma, though.)

Stefan: That’s great. You know, I really appreciate it when people take responsibility for their actions.

Ben: Thanks Papa. Your subtle hints are truly great.

(He applauds and gives Stefan a thumbs up – hihi)



[Pestalozzi, school yard]


Ben is sitting on the big books.(But even the Jemma Coming Out Monument can’t help him right now. Or us, really. Because here come the Ben/Caro/Bea flashbacks.

Stay strong, my friends. There is a kiss and a smile waiting for us at the end of all of this torture)



Ben: Listen up, it won't work that way between the two of us. That was the reason I split up with you before.

Caro: Okay.

Ben: Okay?! What, pray tell, is okay here?!

Caro: Nothing. You're exactly like your father. Fine, let's break up then. Then I'll have the child aborted. And that's exactly what you've wanted this whole time, isn’t it?




Bea: How do you always manage to do this?

Ben: What?

Bea: To always do the right thing.

Ben: And I thought I always do the wrong thing.

They kiss.




Ben: There is someone in Australia who is able to exonerate Bea.

Caro: I knew it. Bea.

Ben: God, Caro. Someone has to do this for her.

Caro: And that someone is you. I’m having your child, and you promised to stand by me.

Ben: A little distance wouldn’t be a bad thing, I think.



Ben takes out his mobile.

Caro’s voicemail:Hi, this is Caro. I’m busy right now. Messages after the beep.

Ben: Hey, it’s me. Ähm… I hope you aren’t angry anymore because of Australia. There isn’t any reason for that.



[Bergmann villa]


Caro comes in. Karin risesup from behind the restroom wall…äh… I mean, kitchen counter.

Karin: Hello Caro. You’ve just missed Ben, I’m afraid.

Caro: I completely forgot that our fist class started at eight today.

Karin: And you? What about you? Aren’t you going to school today?

Caro: I don’t feel so good.

Karin: I can see that. You’re rather pale. Would you like me to make you some tea perhaps? Is there anything you need? Alright. Then I’m going grocery shopping, now.

Karin leaves. Caro’s phone beeps and she listens to Ben’s message.

Ben’s message: Hey, it’s me. Ähm… I hope you aren’t angry anymore because of Australia. There isn’t any reason for that. Caro, I promise you I…I’ll come back as soon as possible and all of this doesn’t change the fact that I’m standing by you and the child. So please call me. I missed you two last night.

Caro starts crying.





Jenny: Hotte.

Hotte: Yes?

Jenny: No. I don’t want to go on a date with you.

Hotte: You don’t?

Jenny: I want to apologize to you.

Hotte: For what?

Jenny: Well, for standing you up and for the kiss at the Carnival party.

Hotte: You don’t need to apologize for that.

Jenny: I do. I do because both weren’t meant seriously.

Hotte: Then why did you do it?

Jennyshrugs: On a whim.

Hotte: On a whim?

Jenny: You know, you are quite attractive and all…but nothing for me, I’m afraid.

She leaves him with a cute wink. (How cruel.) Ben comes up to Hotte having watched the whole thing from a distance.

Ben: Hey, what’s up?

Hotte: You’ve got Caro and I?

Ben: Oh Hotte, it’s not always that easy in relationships, either.

But Ben is not Dr. Hartmann, so his wise words only cause Hotte to walk off. // DR. Hartmann? :-O Don’t start with such ideas!!!



[Heisig apartment]


Michael: Ah, I’m going to be late. (Tardiness. A newly discovered STD: The bird clap?/ LOL!)

Bea: I’m sorry.

Michael: I’m not.

Bea: Maybe I should only spend the night with you on the weekends. So you won’t always be late.

Michael: Hey, no way. I would like this kind of making up every night.

Bea: I’ll see what I can do.

Michael: It helps me to balance out the mental stress with Götting. Fighting with you and with Götting, I couldn’t stand that.

Bea: Well, there’s nothing I can do about Götting but regarding the two of us, I know that it won’t ever happen again. (What? You kissing Ben, you and Michael fighting, you being an ass, Michael being an ass…?)

Michael: I do hope so.

Miriam: Morning.

Michael: Morning. I gotta go. Bye.

Miriam: Bye. (to Bea)What mustn’t ever happen again?



[Bergmann villa]


Caro is still crying. Stefan comes in.

Caro: Spare me your commentary.

Stefan: What’s wrong? Is it because of Ben and his crazy idea about Australia? Caro, do you think I don’t care that you are sitting here crying like that?

Caro: Yes, that’s exactly what I think. And if you are really interested, there is good news. I’m not pregnant anymore. And now don’t pretend to be so concerned.

They hug.



[Heisig apartment]


Miriam: So, what mustn't ever happen again? ... (lovely telepathic conversation going on between them once again) ...No! God, Bea! (Can’t you keep it in your pants?)Michael is a hell of a guy. You can't risk all of that just because of a student. Especially right now. Ben, boah, I'm so sick of hearing about this. (And with this Miriam redeems herself for her taste aberration regarding Michael and joins the ranks of uncounted Jemmalings.)Bea, when is this supposed to be really over? You shouldn't make your life any more complicated than it already is.

Bea: I know. I was just stupid.

Miriam: Well, we've already been there, done that. Bea...how is this supposed to go on?

Bea: Not at all. Whatever Ben does or doesn't do, is of no matter to me.

(Miriam believes that statement about as much as I do.)



[Bergmann villa]


They’re still hugging.

Stefan: Does Ben already know about this? You don't want to tell him?

Caro: It was yours anyway. And besides, without the child Ben doesn't want me at all.

Stefan: I'm not so sure. You're a strong woman. I'm sure he'll realize that in time.

Ben walks in.

Ben: What's going on here?



[Pestalozzi, at the lockers] (This is it, guys! / Don’t spoil it! I’m sure no one has any idea what’s about to happen! Gosh... - lol, In reality...I don’t even need the vid/audio to edit this bit to know it’s all correct, so that after having done that I’ll just lean back and enjoy this scene now :)) )


Emma is rummaging around in her locker when Jenny comes down the stairs looking for her.

Jenny: So, how about it? Are we doing the job together, or not?

Emma just looks at her.

Jenny: Could you please stop with the silent treatment and say what you want.

Emma: I'm supposed to say what I want?

Jenny: Yes.

Emma: Why don't you tell me what you want? I mean, did I get you into trouble because of the alarm system or something?

Jenny: Now just give this topic a rest already.

Emma: Or did I make out with Hotte?

Jenny: Wha-what does Hotte have to do with anything?

Emma: With you, no one knows what's what. First you're totally cool...then you are super-nice...and then you kick people in the ass, hard.

Jenny: Hey, I cleared things up with Hotte.

Emma: Yes, because he's stupid enough to trust you...because you are pretty and cool.

Jenny: Emma, I apologized to him.

Emma: Well, you did that to me too...so? For the bike, for the alarm system...Did it do any good? No.

Jenny: This thing with you is a special case.

Emma: And why pray tell is it a special case? What the hell is your problem with me?!

And Jenny swoops in. FIRST KISS! (Squee! Swoon!)

Jenny: That's my problem with you.

Jenny runs off and Emma smiles that awesome smile. (Awwwww!!!!//Best and most surprising reaction to a kiss that I’v ever seen on TV!)



[Bergmann villa]


Ben: Will someone tell me what's going on here?

Stefan: Ben...

Ben: What?!! Why are you hugging my girlfriend? You think that's normal?

Stefan: No. (it's abnormal and perverted.)

Ben: Okay, then explain it to me. Is there something going on between you two?

Caro: That's the only thing you can think of, is it? But not everyone is like you. Do you really want to know what's wrong? I lost our child, that's what's wrong. And it's your fault. Because you'd rather take care of anyone else than your pregnant girlfriend.

Ben: You lost the baby.

Caro: Because you abandoned me.

(Caro, who cares? THEY KISSED!!!// Huh, did there anything else happen after that? *stupid oblivious grin*)