Episode 120

translated by: Speedx, Lied

edited by Globe


(Previously on Hand aufs Herz)


[Cologne Streets]


Jens: I know who killed Franziska.

Sophie: You stupid bastard You promised. We had an agreement.

Bea: Sophie What are you doing here?

Sophie: Ms. Vogel I am sorry.

Sophie: HELP!!! You have to come immediately. She is the murderer and he is her partner in crime.

Jens: I am sorry.

Bea: JENS!!!


[Interrogation Room]


Bea: I have nothing to do with the death of Franziska Lohmann.

Inspector: Ms. Vogel you are arrested for suspicion of murder. Until further notice you will remain in custody.






[Interrogation Room]


Bea: Sophie testified against me?

Inspector: Yes. That is what Sophie Klein testified against you.

Bea: But she doesnt know what happened. She was a child.

Inspector: Ms. Vogel, Sophie Kleins statements match 100% with our investigations. The whole time, you were in contact with Jens Mirbach

Bea: I met him once, because he asked me too.

Inspector: Maybe to alert you?!?

Bea: Because I wanted to know who killed Franziska, and why he sent me those postcards.

Inspector: The postcard on behalf of Franziska Lohmann? We already know that. If you want to make us believe that Franzsika is still alive, then we are talking of deception.

Bea: But you still have to hold me?

Inspector: I am sorry. You are staying in custody.




Inspector: Volker


Volker: Please, follow me.


Bea: You have to find Jens Mirbach. He knows who killed Franziska.

Inspector: We already know that. (Sounds familiar) and now he is on the run.

Volker: Your personal stuff, please belt as wellMs Vogel jewelry as well Well bring you dinner at 6:00pm.



[School Hallway]


Emma: We just sit there and talk and nobody is listening and Mr Wagner doesnt care about it. He talks about if formulas and doesnt explain anything.

Hotte: Thats awesome. We get in trouble when we dont know an answer.

Emma: Because you have proper lessons/classes and are not one of the losers, who everyone expects to be useless.

Timo: That is not true.

Emma: YES it is. Götting wants to transform the Pestalozzi into an elite school. The good ones have good lessons, a great school certification, an awesome job and the bad ones get nothing They are losers. You should see my class you get in trouble when you hold up your hand. (Emma cries)

Luzi: Hey

Emma: Just because of this stupid test. I would have passed if It just wasnt my day I want to be with you guys.

Luzi: Try talking with Mr Heisig.

Timo: Yeah, right. He is our school counselor.


(Bell rings)


Hotte: Oh, we have to go. Götting is gonna kill us when we are too late.

Luzi: Okay, See you later. Talk to Mr. Heisig!



Marcel(to Emma): Hey Müller, if you’re going to be the teacher’s pet again in class, there’s going to be trouble.


[Police station]


Mrs. Klein: Sophie Sophie, my dear, how are you? Thanks for calling me.

Inspector: Hintze, Criminal Investigation Department Cologne.

Mrs. Klein: Klein, I am Sophies mother. What happened?

Inspector: Your daughter might have helped us - with her statement in the Lohmann murder case.

Mrs. Klein: In the Lohmann murder case ...

Inspector: Yes, have you heard about it?

Mrs. Klein: Yes, of course, it was all over the news.

Inspector: Weve investigated this for several years now and thanks to your daughter, we might have completed this case.

Mrs. Klein: Really? What does we might have completed mean?

Inspector: I cannot tell you any details, but the main suspect, Bea Vogel, is staying in custody.

Mrs. Klein: Really?

Inspector: Yes. Thanks to your daughter. And how knows, sometimes justice wins in the end.



[Mr. Heisigs office]


Michael: Emma Come in. How can I help you?

Emma: I am I am in the class for the not so good ones, because a fucked up the test Im sorry, because I failed the test.

Michael: Were the tasks too difficult?

Emma: No, not at all. I was too nervous. That day I had I have exam anxiety.

Michael: And now you want to know if you can retake the test?

Emma: Is that possible?

Michael: Since Mr. Götting divided this school into two camps, other laws prevail.

Emma: But is he allowed to do so?

Michael: Yes, because he is the principal. But, I see what I can do.

Emma: Really?

Michael: Yes, of course.

Emma: Thank you.


Michael: Do you have anything else on your mind?

Emma: Its not really a huge thing. But...

Michael: Okay.

Emma: I got a declaration of love.

Michael: But that is something nice. Unless it is from someone you dont like.

Emma: It is from a girl.

Michael: Ohhhh

Emma: Now you know it.

Michael: And you dont know how to behave towards this girl, right?

Emma: No. I like her, but I avoid her. But, that is not a solution for too long.

Michael: No, it is not. It is good that you talked to me. You should face this issue. Before we meet again to discuss this (matter), you should read this brochure. And then well have another meeting and talk about it.

Emma: Thank you.

Michael: Sure, and about the entry-level test, I will see what I can do.

Emma: Thank you.



[School Hallway]


Luzi: Nerd.

Timo: Dont tell me youre already done with math.

Luzi: Please dont tell me that you can focus on math now?

Timo: Why? Is there anything more important today than math? Ahhm, wait a moment. Dont tell Wait Of course I have your first time today.

Luzi: Pissst. Dont say it so loud.

Timo: Why loud? It can get louder.

Hey Guys, listen to me. Well, today, Luzi has her Ouch... has not done math, yet.


Luzi: I know you think it is funny because you already had your first time.

Timo: Actually it is not so important, right? The most important thing is that we or better not?

Maybe we should wait until after the wedding.

Luzi: Youre such a jerk.


(They kiss)


[Streets of Cologne]


Mrs. Klein: Sophie! Sophie, please wait.

Sophie: Oh man, don't touch me!! Hey, you have lied to me for years!

Mrs. Klein: I did not lie to you.

Sophie: You did exactly that! But do you know what? I've flown to Australia and found out where the fucking money went and why!

Mrs. Klein: You were in Australia?

Sophie: Yes. I searched for Jens Mirbach and found him, and he told me everything.

Mrs. Klein: Jens Mirbach is a liar.

Sophie: Sure, and why did you pay him so much shush money then?

Mrs. Klein: Sophie, everything is much more complicated then you're thinking right now. Please, let's go home for now and...

Sophie: Home? Forget it, never again!

Mrs. Klein: Sophie, we can...

Sophie: Just leave me alone. I'm done with you.


[Pestalozzi Student Lounge Tables]


Emma is looking at the Coming Out at Schools pamphlet that she got from her namesake Emma Pillsbury. Or was it Mr. Heisig, after all? Anyway, she's learning the thing by heart to know all the facts about gay, gay, gay, just in case she is, you know, gay! - But then Yvonne and Lena show up with the good intention to show her what gay and super couple really means without having to use that pamphlet-thing, because they're IT. Unfortunately, they realize that Jenny and Emma could be a dangerous competition for the Super Couple Awards at the end of the school year, so that they decide to bully Emma instead. True Story.


Yvonne: Ey, Müller. This is the table for A-Students.

Emma: What is this table?

Lena: It's for A-students. For the good ones. The losers are hanging out over there. Or didn't you see the new Memo from Götting yet?

Emma: No, I did not see it yet.

(Yvonee scribbles Idiots out! onto a notepad, and she's being so annoyed lol)

Yvonne: Here!

Emma: Funny.

Lena: You think so, yeah?

Jenny -The Overprotective-Hartmann shows up with an unmistakable battle cry: Hey!

Jenny: I have a Memo from Götting, too. It says, if you get too close to Emma once more, you will have a problem. That is to say with me. I'll count to three now, and then you'll be gone. Three.

(Yvonne and Lena leave, realizing that against Jenny-the alpha female-Hartmann they have no chance and seeing that the lifelong dream of the Super Couple Awards is sailing away with the Jemma ship.)

Jenny: Stupid bitches.

Emma: Thank you.

Jenny: Are they often making trouble?

Emma: No, not really.

Jenny: Well, if they are, then let me know, okay?

Emma: Okay.

Jenny: Can I sit down with you?

Emma: Urrrmm... I have to run.

Jenny: Okay. See you.


[Pestalozzi Student Lounge Couches]


Luzi: By the way what about protection?

Timo: Are you taking the pill?

Luzi: No.

Timo: Well, then with a condom.

Luzi: Do you have any?

Timo: No.

Luzi: And what now?

Timo: Well, then I'll get some.

Luzi: When?

Timo: After school.

Luzi: And where?

Timo: No idea. At Chulos.

Luzi: At Chulos? They have condoms?

Timo: Yes, they have condoms. At the toilets, I mean, in a vending machine - even with flavor!


[Vogel Home]

(Miriam is folding clothes, when Piet comes in)


Miriam: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know that you were here. I only meant to take some clothes with me.

Piet: To take them to Sebastian's, yes?

Miriam: Piet, please, I really don't want to fight now.

Piet: I don't fight. I just state how it is. Have you settled in with your new one?

(Awkward silence )

Miriam: Lara really likes her new room. Yesterday, she told me that she's doing really good right now and she said that she did great on her placement test, too.

Piet: Except for her mother moving out at the moment, she's doing really great. That's right.

Miriam: Piet, why are you doing this?

(The phone rings and Piet takes it)

Piet: Yes? Yes, her brother. What!?


[Götting's office]


Götting: You want to redo the test, really?

Emma: I know that I can do better and I knew everything the last time. I just was too nervous.

Götting: You were too nervous. Well, well. You know what, Ms. Müller? One of the abilities I'm searching for in my students is strength of character. Strength of character is at least as important to the development of ones personality as knowledge and in my eyes only the students who can connect both of that have a chance at this school.

Michael: Mr. Götting, you have to admit that Emma always had a good grade point average. One singular and especially unannounced test can't just erase that achievement. That's why the only thing we want to know now is, may she redo the test? Yes or no?

Götting: Last month we talked about the civil right campaign in the US in the sixties, do you remember that?

Emma: Yes, that was the thing with the Black Panthers.

Götting: Yes, that was the thing with the Black Panthers. (And don't forget MLK!) Um, at 1600 I have a politics (political science) class.

Michael: At 1600?

Götting: Excuse me?

Michael: Uh, nothing.

Götting: You'll do a presentation about this topic, and if it's good, you may move up.

Emma: But that's in 20 minutes!

Götting: Correct. And now I'll have to ask you to go, I'm busy.

Michael: Well, it's at least better than nothing.

(Michael's phone rings)

Michael: If you'd excuse me, Mr. Götting.

(They leave and we follow Michael into the teacher's room)

Michael: Hey Piet, what's up? - What?!


[Pestalozzi Hallways]


Timo: So, I'll quickly go to Chulos and get the condoms and you... you can prepare everything at home already?

Luzi: Okay. Alright.

Emma: Hey.

Timo: Hey.

Emma: I am doing a presentation in Götting's class in a moment, but if I succeed in that, I'll come to you - to the good ones.

Timo: Well, cool! Then knock yourself out!

Luzi: Did Heisig do that?

Emma: Hmm-mm. - Just a moment ago, I said, I can do this, but now I'm getting really panicky. I'll surely have to talk in front of the whole class!

Luzi: Hey, you'll manage, I know that! I mean, you took this whole thing about Malcom X and Martin Luther King apart for me... I mean, you explained that brilliantly. Just tell them what you told me and then it will work out.

Emma: You're right. I'll just imagine there are twenty Luzis sitting there!

Timo: Yes, exactly. Great. I always do that, too.

(He gives Luzi a kiss.)

Timo: Hey, we don't have that much time now, so just send us a text how it went, okay?

Luzi: Yes.

Emma: Okay.


[Götting Politics A-Class]


Götting: Ms. Müller thinks that she is qualified for this class and she wants to prove that to us now with a presentation about the civil right campaign in the US in the sixties. (Applause!) Ms. Müller.

Emma: Yes. Okay. Well, in the sixties there was the Afro-American civil right campaign, named Black Panthers Party. This party was founded, um...to accomplish the armed resistance against the social oppression of that time.

(The door opens Jenny entrance and BAM, suddenly MLK has short hair, is sturdy and looks like a man, and he was born in 1438 and was religious and used to hand out flyers about coming out at school, which he also nailed to the door of a church, and in the sixties - no idea how he managed to survive this long - maybe because of god? - there was a campaign about the oppression of not freely being able to kiss Jenny Hartmann all day every day and... --- Emma has a problem.)


Jenny: Sorry. I had to go to the secretary.

Götting: Ms. Hartmann, that won't happen again, okay?

Jenny: Of course not.

Götting: Ms. Müller, please.

Emma: Yes, the Black Panthers...they existed in 1960...uh, ... I mean, in the sixties. Um, ...can I start over? - So, you know who Malcom X was! (But Emma doesn't anymore.)


[Police Station]


Piet: I dont believe this. My sister, in custody! Theyll see with whom theyre messing here! Hello!?

Michael: We should first ask whats going on before getting upset.

Piet: But I want to be upset now! --- He-Hello.

Inspector: Hello. May I help you?

Piet: Yes, um okay. Well, my name is Piet Vogel, and my sister Bea Vogel is apparently in your jail here and I meant to ask whats up with that.

Michael: Hey --- Mr. Hinze, its nice to see you again. Hello. So my colleague has been imprisoned?

Inspector: Yes, thats true.

Miriam: Can you tell her that were here?

Inspector: No, unfortunately thats not possible.

Piet: Excuse me? You want to forbid us to talk with her, yeah? Im related to her! What is she accused of anyway?

Inspector: Shes accused of being responsible for the death of Frankziska Lohmann.

Piet: Hey, there is no evidence for that.

Inspector: By now there is. There is a witness whos heavily incriminating her and thats why your sister will preliminarily stay in custody.

Michael: May we know who that witness is?

Piet: Yeah, Id like to know that, too.

Inspector: No, unfortunately thats not possible.

Miriam: May we see her?

Inspector: No, unfortunately thats not possible either.


[Prison Cell]

Bea walks up and down the cell, crying.


[Pestalozzi Götting A-Class]


Emma: And some of the Black Panthers are still in prison today. Well, I dont exactly know where, um, but some of them are still in the slammer in prison! Yeah, - of those who are still alive today. For example: Ruchell Magee.

Götting: Was that all, or will there be more? Ms. Müller?

Emma: No, that was all.

Götting: Ah-ha. That was not only completely incoherent and confusing, but above all it was mostly one thing wrong. Ms. Müller, are you really in the belief that Huey Newton and Bobby Seal meant to disestablish the police in their Ten-Point program? You cannot have meant that seriously.

Jenny: But thats not what this is about, at all.

Götting: Excuse me?

Jenny: Emma made one mistake. Everything else was correct. Of course she meant that the police violence was supposed to be disestablished, and you explicitly know that, too.

Götting: No, I do not know that explicitly. Because firstly, I assume that my students mean what they are saying. Secondly, I cant remember asking you for your opinion.

Jenny: Yes, I only meant to - (Jenny still hasnt realized that shes not in a discussion group in Oxford ;) )

Götting: Thirdly, Ms. Müller, with your stammering, you impressively proved that, where you are right now is the best spot for you, dont you think so?

(Emma storms out and Jenny storms after her, but not without throwing Götting a killing glare before leaving. The best thing being the display of their different character traits by Emma closing the door behind herself, wanting and having to disconnect, and Jenny just leaving it wide open in a I dont fucking care what youll do with that now-way. haha )

Götting: Ms Hartmann? --- Well


[Pestalozzi Foyer Stairs]

(Emma runs down the stairs, Jenny following behind)


Jenny: Emma, wait. Emma, that wasnt that bad. Hey, Götting is an asshole, everyone knows that. Hes getting a hard-on when he can bully someone. Ultimately you should be glad to not have him as a teacher anymore. That whole elite-idiocy is ridiculous anyway.

Emma: Youre only saying that, because you can participate in the normal lessons. Just like my friends.

Jenny: So what?

Emma: Why did you have to come in while I was doing my presentation? It was the same with the screening test. Every time you show up, Im having a black out.

Jenny: Im sorry, Emma, buthave you ever thought aboutwhat that could mean?

Emma: Isnt that obvious? I will be stuck with those losers forever.

Jenny: I did not mean that. The two of us thats something special, isnt it?

Emma: Jenny, I dont want to be something special. I want to be like everybody else. When will you finally understand that?


[Beschenko Home]

Luzi is wrapped up only in a towel, coming from the shower, being a teeny tiny bit nervous. But just a little bit .Tiny little bit, really. Checking her face and her legs and all going from a 5th grade rainbow-shirt to a Katie Fitch Leopard shirt, which both would fit perfectly into Jennys momentary closet.




Hotte: Hey!

Timo: Hotte.

(Timo slips the condom he got into his pocket)

Hotte: Good that I met you, you have to help me.

Timo: Unfortunately, I have no time at all right now.

Hotte: But its important. Its about Emma.

Timo: Yeah, right. How did her presentation go?

(Hotte makes a cutting the head off gesture)

Timo: Fuck!

Hotte: Yes, fuck.


[Beschenko Home]

Walking around her room, Luzi spots other childish things like a pink pony bag, which she throws beneath her bed. Then she closes the curtains and hangs a cloth over the lamp to shade the room (Im in fear that this will start to burn).




Hotte: Come on, well drive to her.

Timo: Man, I really have no time. But tomorrow, straight off, sure as rain.

Hotte: Youre going to Luzi.

Timo: Yes, okay. Luzi and I we have a date.

Hotte: I see! Well, then take care and have fun. Ill take care of Emma, dont worry.


[Beschenko Home]

The chance for Karin to come home to a burning house is doubled by the extreme amount of candles that Luzi has lit. I think those are more than the magic trio had at their séance, and thats saying something!




Hotte: See ya.

Timo: Alright, dude. Take care.

(When Timo is about to leave, a red head appears in front of him out of nowhere.)

Timo: Sophie?