Episode 92


Translated by hephylax, edited by ami



Bea: You are pregnant? By whom?

Michael: You don’t know who the father is?

Caro: Of course I know. Ben.


Ben: Geez, can’t you…

Bea: Hey.

Ben: I thought you were one of these idiots.

Bea: Caro hasn’t talked to you yet?

Ben: Could you please explain to me what you are talking about?

Bea: Caro is pregnant.By you.





Ben laughs: Caro, pregnant? Good one. You must have confused things… Sophie is pregnant, not Caro.

Bea: The pregnancy tests in the girls’ restroom…they were Caro’s, not Sophie’s. I thought she would have talked to you by now.

Ben: That’s impossible.

Bea: I’m sorry…I didn’t want you to hear about it like this.

Ben: Huh, it’s okay. You know, I… Shit. (Yep, it happens.)



[Pestalozzi, Götting’s office]


Alexandra: Julian, do you have a minute?

Götting: That depends.

Alexandra: On what?

Götting: Whether I like whatever it is that you want.

Alexandra: The volleyball court has had it after this winter. I finally need grants to have it renewed.

Götting: I’m busy.

Alexandra: Julian.

Götting: You just received a budget increase, or have you already forgotten? I’ve stuck up for you with the parents council. 

Alexandra: Yes, and that was great. But that was not enough money to have a new playing field dug out.

Götting: Well,improvise then. You are good at that.

Alexandra: I’m not the little light bulb Jäger. So don’t take on that tone with me.

Götting: And I’m not the principal of this school, so go to Krawczyk with your request for money.

Alexandra: You know exactly what she’s going to say. Can’t we finally get rid of her?

Götting: I’ve embarrassed myself in front of the school’s inspector too many times. I won’t do a thing unless I’ve got concrete proof.

Alexandra: Julian, look around you. Total chaos has broken out at this school. Sophie Klein disappears without a trace, Caro Eichkamp lets herself get knocked up… Even the school authority should be able to realize that someone here is completely overwhelmed.

Götting: Wendtland stands 100% behind Krawczyk. I can’t count on him.

Alexandra: Then improvise. You’re good at that.

Götting: Very funny.

Alexandra: I mean, change your strategy.

Götting: Easy for you to say.



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Ben and Caro see each other across the big staircase and start to simultaneously walk down their respective stairs to meet in front of the bulletin board. (Whoa, that was dramatic.) 

Caro: I’ve been looking for you everywhere.

Ben: I called you.

Caro: It’s on mute.

Ben: Do we have to talk about your fucking cell phone right now?! Is it true?

Caro: Yes. You got me pregnant.

Ben: And how is that possible that every moron at this school knows about it except for me?!

Caro: I don’t know how it leaked. Vogel and Heisig had me backed into a corner and I told them in confidence.

Ben: And what if Bea hadn’t told me? (Ben, you are an idiot! Not that this comes as a surprise.) Then I still wouldn’t know, is that it?!

Caro: Vogel blabbed?

Ben: I asked you something!!!

Caro: You broke up with me, or have you already forgotten? I was alone when I learned about the pregnancy. I didn’t know what to do… if you even cared…

Ben: What I care to know above all else is how this is supposed to have happened! We used protection every time!

Michael: What do you think about us discussing your problems somewhere else?

Caro: This is none of your business.

Michael: Do yourself a favor and just come with me, now.(Yes, please go away, I really don't want to be a party to the details of this affair..)


[Pestalozzi, counselor’s office]


Michael: You don't have to talk if you don't want to.  But to make one thing clear, I'm here to help you. And you're going to need help.

Ben laughs.

Michael: Caro, do your parents already know about this? Ben, your father?


Caro: Ben isn't the father. You got me pregnant.


Ben: I just learned about this myself. So I haven't had the opportunity yet to share the "good news" with my father.

Michael: I hope, you two realize that you will have to talk to your parents. If it will help you in any way I could be present.

Caro: No. There is no way that I want our parents to be involved.

Michael: That will be unavoidable.

Caro: I'm of legal age. And so is he.

Ben: Caro...we have to tell them.

Caro: I don't want that.

She starts to cry.

Ben looks a little helpless to his male love triangle partner who tries to show him with a few subtle gestures what he should do. And so Ben walks over to Caro and puts his hands on her shoulders standing behind her with as much enthusiasm as you would expect from someone touching an Ebola patient./You know, Heph, it just MIGHT be contagious..Ben is such a bright bulb in biology..)



[Pestalozzi, teachers’ lounge]


Götting: I would have thought that as the principal of this school you had your own coffee machine...or do you have a good friend here who enhances your coffee a little bit.

Frau Krawczyk: Aren’t you getting bored by now by your allusions to my illness? I was hoping that you would finally think of something new. Well, now you only have to be patient for another moment then you’ll get your coffee. You look a little tense to me right now… Maybe you should accompany me to one of my sessions. They teach you how to change your negative energy into something positive. Don’t you think it would help all of us if we started treating each other with a little more courtesy?

Götting: Could be.



[Pestalozzi, teachers’ corridor]


Caro comes out of the counsellor’s office and runs into Bea. 

Caro: Thanks for speaking up for me and my pregnancy.

Bea: Caro, that was a misunderstanding.

Caro: Yes, of course.

Caro leaves and Ben comes out of the office. They look at each other, then Ben rushes after Caro.

Michael: Hey.

Bea: I thought, she had told him. She meant to. I didn’t want to interfere.

Michael: Did I say anything?

Bea: How was your talk?

Michael: I tried to convince them that they aren’t alone with their problem but when it came to the topic of informing their parents…Caro broke out in tears.

Bea: She’s overwhelmed.

Michael: Yes. Ben is too. But I don’t think you can hold it against them.

Bea: Well, has Caro already made a decision?

Michael: I don’t know. And how about you?

Bea: What about me?

Michael: Is everything okay?

Bea: Äh-äh, yes, I just feel sorry for the both of them. To have to be making such a big decision, at their age…that’s hard.

Michael: Yes, it is. Well, I have to go.

Bea takes out her phone.

Bea: Miriam, it’s me. Do you have a moment?



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Caro on the phone: Yes? Sophie. It’s about time you called. Did you get to Sydney? At least that went down without a hitch. Everything’s messed up here. The kidnapping thing got busted. Yes. Yes, Vogel and Heisig caught me with the money. And they know that I’m pregnant.

Ben: Caro!

Caro: I gotta go. You too.

Ben: First, you’re not telling me anything and now you’re running away all the time. That's not getting us anywhere.(Actually it gets Caro all sorts of places..)

Caro: And what gets us somewhere?

Ben: God, I just want to understand how this could have happened. We used condoms, every single time.(*puts fingers in ears* lalalalalalaaaa...argh.)

Caro: Do you want to imply that it’s not your child?

Ben: No. Why, wouldn’t it be my child?

Caro: Say, are you crazy?(No,just dumb..)

Ben: God Caro, you started it.

Caro: I didn’t have sex with anyone but you. (I guess, as always "it depends on what the meaning of the words 'is' is.") And I have no idea how it could have happened. Maybe a condom tore or something. I mean, I’m just as shocked as you are.

Ben: Do you have a date?

Caro: September 25th.

Ben: I meant the other date.

Caro: I know what you meant. You just naturally assume that I’m going to have it terminated, hm? So you won’t have to deal with this anymore.

Ben: I…I thought you wanted that too.

Caro: We are talking about a baby here, our baby. Does that leave you completely cold?

Ben: God Caro, do you want to become a mother right now? This close to your Abi graduation?(In case you have not figured this out in the past or future x episodes..the Abi is REALLY important to some Germans.It's the only gateway to a higher educatio or better jobs. Most people only do a middle class education, that will not allow them to go to university or apply for jobs requiring an “Abi”.Also the grade point avergae in the last two years of the “Abi”,along with the triple counting final “Abitur” exams are the sole entry criteria for Universities. No written applications or extra curricular activities,etc..It is really important..German Cultural interlude over.)

Caro: I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about how you are acting. Did you, for one second, try to put yourself in my shoes, how I'm feeling because of this? No, you don't care about that. You only care about what is going to happen now. And now what? Are you going to offer me money? Well, you Bergmanns solve all of your problems by throwing money at them.

Ben: God, I'll accompany you, I...I..am there for you but...

Caro: You know something? You're as big an asshole as your father.



[Pestalozzi, at the stand-up tables]


Götting: I've just pondered our principal's words.

Alexandra: Oh, forget about her.

Götting: Nono...because she's right. We should treat each other more courteously in the future.

Alexandra: And what would be the point of that?

Götting: Well, she has learned how to handle my previous kind of attacks by now...she expects them. I should try something...something completely new. Well, it's worth a try. Was it Napoleon or Sun Tzu who said: If you can't defeat your enemies, ally yourself with them?

Alexandra: No idea. But what's the point of allying yourself with Krawczyk? Against whom?

Götting: Against herself.

Alexandra: I don't get it.

Götting: You don't have to. You'll see.



[Bergmann villa]


Ben comes in and accidentally lets his bag fall to the ground.

Stefan: Could you be a little quieter? Some people have to work. - What? No counter attack? What's wrong?

Ben: Caro. She is... She is pregnant.

Stefan: So, she told you, did she?

Ben: You knew?

Stefan: Well, I...

Ben: Why does everyone know except me? What kind of bullshit is this?!

Stefan: Everyone except you, I don't understand...

Ben: The entire school is making snide remarks ...they-they hand me condoms and then, then I have to hear from Frau Vogel that I'm going to be a father.

Stefan: You...

Ben: How do you know about it?

Stefan: Ähm, Caro was here this morning. She was looking for you. She told me in her agitation.

Ben: Now, before you start lecturing me about responsibility and contraception...I was careful. I have no idea how this could have happened. I don't know what to do.



[Pestalozzi, principal's office]


Frau Krawczyk: Yes?

Götting: Is this a bad time?

Frau Krawczyk: That depends.

Götting: I wanted to ask for your opinion. It's about a couple of students...

Frau Krawczyk: You want to know my opinion?

Götting: Yes, if you don't mind.

Frau Krawczyk: What are you up to now?

Götting: Well, I understand that you are distrustful of me... In the past, I...have used every opportunity to undermine your authority, that’s true. I was worried. And it wasn't a safe bet that you would be able to get a handle on your addiction. But I took your words this morning to heart. And I’m tired of always working against each other all the time. I've realized that we have the same goals.

Frau Krawczyk: I don't want to turn this school into an elite school.

Götting: I've abandoned those thoughts some time ago. We both want what's best for the students. And who knows, maybe we'll become a great team if we'll start working together. What do you say? Should we try?

(One look at Krawczyk’s expression during his speech makes me want to get her a bucket, stat.)



[Bergmann villa]


Ben: I think, Caro hasn't decided yet whether or not to keep the child. I never expected to ever ask you for your help. But I need your advice now.

Stefan: It's very clear what has to be done now. Caro has to abort the pregnancy.

Ben: I don't think we have the right to decide that for her.

Stefan: Ben, this is not just about her. It's also about you and your future. Caro sees this pregnancy only as a way to tie you to her and get money.

Ben: Your money. I don't believe this. You think this is all about the money for Caro. God, she didn't even tell me voluntarily about her pregnancy. Can you imagine what a shitty situation this has to be for her?

Stefan: Well, how is this supposed to work if Caro has the child? You two aren't even a couple. And let's be honest, you aren't responsible enough yet by far for a child!

Ben: I'd be a better father than you, that's for sure.

Stefan: That's enough, Ben! Be sensible for once and listen to me. I just want what's best for you!

Ben: No! You want what's best for you! What was I thinking that you would help me just once? Just once!



[Pestalozzi, principal's office]


Knock, knock

Götting: Excuse me, Frau Krawczyk...Did you already have the time to look over my files? Your opinion really is very important to me.

Frau Krawczyk: Alright, Frau Jäger, we'll continue this later. Well, I agree with you on most of the cases. Only in the case of Florian Mauser I would contact the parents again…


Knock, knock

Götting: Excuse me, Frau Krawczyk. It's about the chem lab. Herr Ritter came to me about the grants...


Knock, knock

Götting: Frau Krawczyk, oh...

- It's me again. Oh, I'm interrupting.

- Frau Krawczyk...

Frau Krawczyk: To be honest, I'm just taking my late lunch break.

Götting: We'll then I'll come back in 15 minutes, if you'd like, okay?

Frau Krawczyk: Of course.

Götting: Enjoy your meal.



[Saal 1]


Miriam: Caro Eichkamp is pregnant from Ben?!

Bea: Yes, he learnt about it today.

Miriam: She was here recently and completely rattled. I suspected that something was wrong but...pregnant?!

Bea: Yes, it's not like Caro to become pregnant by accident. And then Ben, of all people. I really thought he would get it together for his Abi, but a child... That early at that age (Bea, you do remember who you are just talking to, right?) that...

Miriam: Yes? Oh really? We were even younger. (Yes, and did that work out so well for you?)

Bea: Äh, that's different. You and Piet... you were in love, you were a couple.

Miriam: And now I'm standing here polishing glasses; and ruined my opportunities in life by becoming a mother at such a young age.

Bea: I didn't mean it like that.(Yes,you did.)



[Bergmann villa, Ben’s room]



Bea: Caro is pregnant. From you.

Caro: You broke up with me, or have you already forgotten?! I was alone when I learned about my pregnancy. I didn't know what to do.

You just naturally assume that I want to have it terminated, hm? You know something? You're as big an asshole as your father.

Stefan: It's obvious what has to be done now. Caro has to abort the pregnancy.




[Saal 1]


Miriam: Say… is it possible that you aren't really worried about Caro and Ben so much as worried about him having a child with another woman?

Bea: No.

Miriam: You hesitated. Admit it, I’m right.

Bea: No, things with Ben are over.

Miriam: Maybe in your head…but not in your heart. You see? God, Bea, this has got to stop. And fast. It’s not about you and Ben anymore. It’s about Caro and Ben. And a child.

Bea: Yes, I know.



[Bergmann villa]


Ben: Hey.

Timo: Dude, yesterday it looked like I would have a child, and now all of a sudden you are having that problem. And so I thought, as an ex-father-to-be I can maybe give you a few tips. Have you already talked to Caro?

Ben: I asked her when the abortion was scheduled for.

Timo: Ouch.

Ben: I didn’t think for a minute that she wanted to have the child.

Timo: Does she?

Ben: Yes! Well, maybe…no idea. At any rate, she expects something from me but don’t ask me what.

Timo: Well, maybe…that you are there for her?

Ben: Caro is mad as hell at me. Which I absolutely get, but… What can I do?

Timo: Well, you could think about what it is that you want.

Ben: A child! That’s…that’s madness, I… Timo, I can’t do that, I…I can’t even handle my own life and Caro…I mean honestly, can you imagine her as a mother?!

Timo: Honest answer?

Ben: See! Neither can I.

Timo: But do you want to have children at some time in the future?

Ben: No. My father failed so miserably I…I can’t do that to my own children.

Timo: Hey, but you aren’t your father.(Nope, but you could be your father's kid's father!)



[Pestalozzi, locker room]


Ben: We need to talk.

Caro: You heard him. Get lost. Can’t you move any faster?

They obey. (Obviously Jenny wasn’t there./As sad a fact,as that is.)

Caro: I don’t have an appointment yet. And even if I had I wouldn’t tell you. Was that it?

Ben: I acted like an ass earlier. I was overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do.

Caro: Mhm. I noticed.

Ben: God, Caro! Everything just happened so fast, I…I didn’t have any time to think about anything.

Caro: And now you’ve thought about it.

Ben: Yes. And I’ve made a decision. I want us to have the child.