Recap 1: Let's noodle!

Pasta with Olive
Pasta with Olive

Now, first of all, I must preclude this with a big thank you to the peeps from the German Sat1/Hand aufs Herz forum who have been keeping me sane in my efforts of watching this show.

Since the title giving character, Anna, will be more and more in the background, until her exit from the show early next year, a new character has been taking center stage:


In the forum, we have therefore taken to the acronym Nudl (Nina und die Liebe/Nina and Love), as it so happens, Nudl, is almost like Nudel which is German for Noodle, so let's noodle and canoodle with Kasia's new world.

Speaking of: 



Kai running into Nina at the Bathroom
Kai running into Nina at the Bathroom

Nina is from jail, why she went there, is a mystery only revealed to us partially throughout the show:

Seems like she killed a guy accidentally and can't remember much of that night.

She did six years of time, and is now out and about, and rooming with her best friend Anna and her folks above the restaurant that Anna's parents own.

The things you need to know about Nina:

She always wears tanktops.

Her fabulous arms will make you very grateful for that fact.

She is like action ninja barbie.Only with a hat.


Bodo? Did you have a sister?

Luca Benzoni

Rinse it, wash it, ..all that beautiful haiiirr...
Rinse it, wash it, ..all that beautiful haiiirr...

Now, on to Luca.

Luca stepped off of the plane as the new boss of the fashion label the show revolves around.

Now this is a soap.A soapy soap.

And if you thought that Hand aufs Herz was a soap and pink..think again.

Luca is the son of the big "Lanford" (name of the fashion label) and half brother to half of the cast, it seems.

Now, he steps off of that plane, and his eyes fall on Nina, and he thinks,that she's a model, and she thinks that he's a caterer by the name of Stefan, and they begin to romance one another through all of the lies.

Nina and Luca will be the show's new revolving couple.Only trouble is..Luca is engaged to "our" Olivia.

Storms brew upon the horizon..but more about Luca:

He is the tuff and a little evil business guy,who stepped in, and took charge and who is not interested in bonding with his ever absent father or being much of a sibling to his extened family,

But his heart warms for Nina, and he enjoys waiting tables with her (what IS it about that as a date??Does nobody go to the movies anymore these days??)

And just being "Stefan".

Luca seems to enjoy taking his shirt off and showering an insubordinate amount of times.

At least he smells good, I guess.

Kai Kosmar

The lady in the middle,btw, used to play the prison's principal in the German "Bad Girls"
The lady in the middle,btw, used to play the prison's principal in the German "Bad Girls"

Now, Olivia, remember, we are watching this for Olivia Kosmar, she has a brother, who is Luca's best friend.

And like Luca, he is, also, new.

Kai Kosmar is a seedy lawyer guy, who is pursuing the show's evil biatch in residence, Carla, and who is playing wingman to his best bud Luca's conquests.

Come again?

You heard me right.

Kai Kosmar is Olivia's brother, and he is playing wingman par excellence (like procuring romantic dinners, covering up Luca's real identy for Nina,etc) to Luca, who is Olivia's fiancé.

Unless Luca and Olivia have some "if we're not in the same zip code" arrangement or Kai is The.Worst:Brother.On .The :Planet,, this totally makes no sense whatsoever.

He does pony up to his genetic responsibilty however, when he realizes that Luca is really beginning to fall for Nina, and does some pro Olivia scheming,finally.

What you need to know about Kai:

The actor playing Kai Kosmar is 23.Seriously.

That doesn't help the fact that he looks like 14.

He is not gay.

He and Luca are not dating.

Well, he and Luca need to stop riding the elevator together,I keep waiting for it to get stuck, and for them to make out, and seriously, he is like the gayest pea on this planet..whenever Kai is hitting on Carla, I gag on my drink.They could tape these  two toegther, nekkid, and I'd still not get the vibe..Uh, sorry actor of Kai if you're reading this, but you kind of need to find your role a little more.

Or just be a good big Bro To Liv, and all will be forgotten:-)

Anna and Tom

I feel so terrible..but why IS she wearing such low cut shirts all the time??
I feel so terrible..but why IS she wearing such low cut shirts all the time??

So, now that we've done with the newbies, I'm sure you're all dying to know who "Anna" is!

Now, it took me a whole ep to figure out, since I'm that blonde exactly.

Anna and her love Tom, who has hardly any text to learn, got married last week, and will slowly fade from the show.

Anna is sweet and adorable, the darling of the show, and Tom is silent and deep, since his former wife's death.

Love with a lot of obstacles,that I, honestly, have no clue about. 

Any ways, Anna is the daughter of a couple of restaurant owners, and Tom is the son of the fashion label owner Lanford and half brother to Luca.

I sense a poor girl/rich guy storyline there,somewhere in the past. 

Honestly, I have no clue what these people do at the fashion label except to sit around and process drama, or sit around and process drama in some meeting or other..

That pretty much goes for all the characters...but damn, isn't this a fashion label? Where are the models??

Where was I? Yes, and Anna and Tom:



The Lady on the right is the receptionist. Hi!
The Lady on the right is the receptionist. Hi!

Now, this is a friggin fashion label, and the show is super pink..they actually have a gay character on stay credible,I guess.

Virgin is his name, and I am not making this up.

What I am also not making up,is Virgin.

He is gay.

He is not funny, or dramatic, and as far as i have seen,he has no real storyline, he is just gay.

He is not even a caricature of gay or funny gay, or anything, but so extremely overacting, that it is, actually, offensive.

Watching him,makes me want to slap the purple feathered pen out of his limping hand.

The boy better discover his inner Queen soon or we're gonna be having serious issues, there, AudL..

And guys, stop humming that Madonna song, it only keeps getting stuck in your head;-) 

I don't know if he ever got touched for the very first time, but when I find out,I'll let you know,k?

Like a Viiihiiirrrgiin..

Other characters

Of course, there are more people on this, show, but I haven't figured their workings really out yet.

Those are the ones you want to know about at first anyways, since their storylines interact with Olivia's.

A lot of the older characters will leave, too, as this is the turn of the season for this show, so maybe I'll get out of delving into their superinteresting soapy pasts.

Hope you'll be around to enjoy the future recaps!

And yes, there will be pictures:-)

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  • #1

    coffeebean (Sonntag, 16 Oktober 2011 22:36)

    I have the feeling that reading your recaps will be much more fun than watching the show. :)

  • #2

    hoppe (Montag, 17 Oktober 2011 18:45)

    I second coffeebeans comment, amidola ;)
    Virgin is really an offence sometimes LOL, they didn't shy away from some ignorant, naive, subtle misogynic, supposed to be funny (or not???) comments from him in the past, maybe he gets better with Petra in the boat. The only interesting person for me was one of old boss Lanford's daughter who was a punk before, but I think she's now back in the heaven of the family Lanford and their fashionlable (if anyone knows more or better, please correct me)

  • #3

    amidola (Montag, 17 Oktober 2011 20:58)

    She used to be a punk before? Well, at least that would explain the hair.

  • #4

    hoppe (Dienstag, 18 Oktober 2011 00:59)

    well Paule was at least quite way-out and brash and didn't want to have anything to do with the fashionlable and her father. I watched some bits because of the ongoing terrible Jasly story. There was a big buzz when she agitated for an animal care association and was sabotearing a fur show of the lable, speaking as the daughter of Bruno and faked to be in agreement with the company. That was one funny episode! LOL