Recap 2: And the Surf sings..Olivia


Now, I took up with my bud Nic , one of the main sprites of this site, and we hit ourselves over the head with an overdose of AudL maxdome to bring this review to you.

The next day, I went to the supermarket after work and bought myself a bottle of Bailey's, since I decided, that I would not be able to stand this show sober.

Not for you guys to get the wrong impression, the last time I took that particular drastic measure was during the pregnancy storyline on Guiding Light.

They have Bailey's with hazelnut Flavor now.


Sometime during my occasional watching and the past week, Nina came out to Luca as being someone with a jailbird past, and Luca was kind of outsted to Nina as not being Stefan but a lying skank known as Luca Benzoni, not caterer by profession, but fashion biz mogul or mongrel,or something.

Nina, understandably blew her lid, and suffered adequately.

Kai hopped by the restaurant she worked at, and offered her money for keeping hands,lips and thoughts off of Luca.

1000 sleazy euros for not even hooking up with the guy.

I mean, seriously, Nina must be one hell of a kisser...

But Kai did gain a few until now sorely lacking Big Brother sympathy points for finally stepping up for his sister.

Speaking of:

Kai finally and suddenly switching around and trying to at least keep Luca's emotional involvement Ninafree, was the first and faintest foreshadowing of a secret.

Then suddenly, an Andy Warholish wall picture keeps popping up, that Luca keeps gazing at now and then.

Interestingly enough,that picture keeps standing on the ground and never finds a place on the wall.

 Nina and Luca's romance blossoms more and more, and Kai gets a bit more desperate, and suddenly confronts Luca openly here and there.

And he picks up a phone and gets a mailbox and we get:


Click the pic!
Click the pic!

Eeeemmaaa!No!I mean Kassiiaaa!!Uh,ahem:"Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiivvvv!"

Luca and Nina are still at odds about the supposedly proffered money.

Kai told Nina, that he came in Luca's name.

Anyways, in the meantime THE event of the show takes place, the wedding of Anna and Tom.


During their entire wedding, I kept thinking of Pepa and Silvia's feast sans the ending to keep myself entertained.


The rest of the time, I was dead jealous of the liquor they poured during the wasn't exactly the most interesting of nuptials, despite the kidnapping and fighting scenes..and "Titanic" moments...don't ask 

Nina and Anna got in the way of the robbery of a wedding gift painting (that was butt ugly, by the way) 

It's as special as their love..not my words!
It's as special as their love..not my words!

and they got thrown into the water, almost drowned..the highlight of it all was the two women swimming and gasping for air..and yes, I have sunk that low..again, don't even begin to ask..

Just keep swimming..keep swimming..
Just keep swimming..keep swimming..

Now, Luca, being the cool ace that he is, totally figures it all out, and sees  the girls struggling for survival in the water.

He and Tom hop into a boat with a functioning motor, that just happens to sit by, and log Anna on board.Luca then heroically jumps into the water to save Nina, who is semi dead, and back on land, he performs super sexy cpr on her, while Nina sees the light.


Seeing the light?
Seeing the light?

Mysteriously, Anna and Tom basically disappear off of the surface of the earth to leave the mouth to mouth AND the chest compressions all up to Luca, but Nina comes around nonetheless, and they llie next to each other, in what I can only describe as another "When Night is Falling" moment.

Now, that whole scene eerily reminds me of "When Night is Falling" except, that I really appreciated Rozema's near death vision of Petra and the door to that funky little trailer of hers more.




Near death experiences and visions are different for everybody..
Near death experiences and visions are different for everybody..
That's not Luca and Nina
That's not Luca and Nina

Now,if there are some fans out there, who think that Kasia and Lucy are talking to them directly, when they post random things, I feel, that I am totally allowed to believe that there is a big old gaymo on that show, who keeps winking at the jemma fanbase in an almost obvious manner.

Delusional or not, it's definitely more fun to do so.

So, since "When Night is Falling" is definitely one of my top five favorite movies ever, I'll tell you a little something more:

In an earlier ep, Nina and Luca have their first 1000 Euro worthy kiss, and they have it in a big old fountain in the middle of a traffic aisle in Berlin.

They,naturally, get drenched,even though, it is romantic, and since they're on their way to a farmer's market or something, they get some overalls, and put their clothes in a couple of blue garbage bags.

Now, the moment I saw that blue garbage bag sitting in Luca's posh apartment, gazed upon lovingly by the Benzoni himself,I knew that they had switched clothes.


And they had.


I guess this is Nina's and not his
I guess this is Nina's and not his
Luca's pants in Nina's hands..a recurring theme?
Luca's pants in Nina's hands..a recurring theme?

Not that I was freaked out by the use of Melissa Etheridge's "You can sleep while I Drive"  a few eps earlier, but what they drove was a "Schwalbe" an old German motorcycle, that I saw last with "Franzi and Paula".

Nina and Luca (Luca wearing Emma's shoes)
Nina and Luca (Luca wearing Emma's shoes)
Franzi and Paula
Franzi and Paula

Franzi and Paula were forever taking tours into the greenery with their "Schwalbe" and using it as an excuse to their boyfriends/husbands for spending time together and..I haven't heard the name of that motorcycle prior or since..but you know, that's just me, and totally random.


Enjoying the landscape?
Enjoying the landscape?

Luca and Nina on their "Schwalbe" Melissa Etheridge in the background,and some "When Night is Falling" allusions later?

I deserve to be a bit paranoid about this,no?

Anyways, a few personal lesbian flashbacks later, and we're back to the beach, and Nina still being a bit out of it and gazing at Luca, who's grinning back at her stupidly.

It's not that I keep shouting "YOU ARE ENGAGED!" at the guy occasionally, but these two don't do too much for me.

True they have more chemistry than 90% of other people interacting on that show, but still, it only amounts up to friendly level, and not smoldering hot and sizzling on my scale.

Not like fated, "I see your face when I die", kind of love, if you know what I mean.

So, since kidnapping, intented murder and cpr are total non issues, everyone involved goes back to Anna's parents restaurant, Nina is being put to bed by Luca, and he cares for her and makes her a warm water bottle.


A bracelet..what about the truth,instead?
A bracelet..what about the truth,instead?

Now, with this super in love "We feel so connected" bond, Luca keeps trying to tell Nina something.

Now, all subtle foreshadowing flying out of the window, Kai keeps asking Luca "If he has told her"-which he hasn't.

And Kai talks to Liv on the phone, but this time, we only get to hear his side of the talk..

Liv is in Nepal, it seems, and on her way.

"But don't tell him, it's supposed to be a surprise."

Oh, and what a surprise it will be.

Quelle surprise!
Quelle surprise!

Now Luca keeps glancing at Warhol's interpretation of Emma's helmet hairstyle( I can almost pinpoint the Hahe ep, that pic has been screenshotted from..,) and trying to find the right opportunity to "Tell Nina" whatever it is,that Kai keeps prodding him to do.



Oh wonder...what secret may that be??

But Nina, after having discovered love and loving, and they being interrupted at the latter by everyone from the Pollish housekeeper up to the random call from work, doesn't give him the opportunity to.

So, finally, finally, they try to get it on again, and Luca goes to shower (again) and the doorbell rings.

Nina goes to open the door.

And there is, emmabeaming, Liv!

Her smile falters upon seeing Nina.

She walks inside,sees Luca's naked butt in the shower (Oh WHY?My eyes..) and sits down on the couch in a mixture of Emma and Kasia.

"And who are you?" Nina asks.

"I'm only the fiancee." Olivia says, and she wriggles her ringfinger into an incredulous Nina's face.

Liv has arrived.



See the bling, b****? That Boy is mine!
See the bling, b****? That Boy is mine!

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  • #1

    San (Sonntag, 23 Oktober 2011 19:53)

    You're really taking one for the team, ami. Thank you so much for the recap, I really enjoyed it! Liv's face in the last screencap is totally Emma's "Get out of my face Caro IchVamp" face :)

  • #2

    Wired (Montag, 24 Oktober 2011 20:36)

    There she is Kasia! I love these recaps ami and I would gladly donate a bottle of Bailey's to you as you have to suffer through this show to give us the recaps. If only I could get it through customs... They are hilarious recaps though and I love your lesbian movie sidetracking. Also "emmabeaming" - I miss that smile!

    Can't wait for the next recap though I know you probably can...thanks so much!

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    Kykky (Montag, 31 Oktober 2011 12:34)

    I like olivia. I Find she is so sexy...the way kasia uses her voice, her eyes.... Wow she is amazing... I don't like the show but i think liv is interesting and maybe something can happen in her story... To me Luca will come back to nina and maybe for liv there is someone else.... I hope a tender person Who can change her a little so she can show us how sweet she can be'.... So, let' s wait!!!